Sunday, September 3, 2017

"Chapman's students massive collaborative drawing now permanently installed"

Professor Gary Chapman’s Intermediate Painting students have collaborated on a drawing installation titled MEMORY–FUTURE, now on view at the Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at Oak Mountain State Park. The large-scale drawing, first created by the class for the one-night only Darwin Day exhibition in Project Space earlier this semester, illustrates Chimney Swift migration from natural habitats to urban, residential, and industrial chimneys. The drawing will remain on semi-permanent installation, where thousands of park visitors will learn about the plight of the Chimney Swift.
The drawing is composed of two panels. The larger panel represents a memory of what the Chimney Swift once knew as home; the smaller panel shows a manmade structure styled as a beacon of hope for the survival of Chimney Swifts.
Chimney Swifts provide great benefit to the ecosystem as they eat mosquitos help keep the insect population at bay. As the birds continue to lose habitat and are in danger, parks and individuals are now designing chimney-like structures with the sole purpose of accommodating flocks.
Participating students are: Elizabeth Choi, Patrick Collopy, Frances Drew, Tashee Dunsmore, Caroline Etheridge, Chelci Garrett, Caroline Gray, Ashley Humphries, Cima Khademi, Jacob King, Katie Lutz, Meghan Malone, Joni Moore, Caroline Smith, Emily Stroud, and Diane Tucker.